Las Vegas Destinations

Two days and one hour until I arrive in Las Vegas for the first time.

Considering I’m going for a dance competition I won’t have much free time to wander around.  I’m also traveling with 3 other people (just my family, not my dance team members), which means I won’t be able to do just what I want anyway.  However the things we’re planning on doing are going to be a lot of fun!

Hardrock Cafe – My Mom wants to go for lunch, and to get a button.
Flamingo Habitat – Sounds really cool, plus I’ve never seen a flamingo in real life!
New York New York Roller Coaster – Goes over 60MPH.  Terrifying, but I know if I ride it once I’ll be fine with it forever afterwards.
Hot Topic (Curse my teenage-girlness, Hot Topic is my favorite store)
Bus tour to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and a few other smaller attractions along the way. – Visiting all the National Parks in on my list of 100 things, so this will be one more off my list! (I’ve gotten 3 so far, all within the last year)
Volcano at the Mirage – Erupts every night, and is really close to where I’m staying.  Hopefully this is as neat as it sounds.
The Pool in our Hotel! – One of the things I’ve heard over and over about Las Vegas is that it’s hot.  So the pool will be our #1 priority whenever possible!

You can expect pictures from all these places (well maybe not the pool at our hotel) after I get back from
Vegas on here.  Or follow my Instagram BlackRosePhotography5678 for pictures each day!

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