Why a backup plan is important – Learning the hard way

  You should always have a backup plan for something to do.  If you’re going to climb Mount Everest but you break your leg before you can, have a backup plan for what you’re going to do until your leg heals for the next season.

  Today I was planning on seeing how far I could ride my bike in a half hour, and then it started thundering.  I didn’t have a backup plan for today, so I didn’t really do much.  If I had thought “well what happens if it thunders?” I might have had a more successful day.  For tomorrow I’m going to have a plan, and a backup plan.

  This has happened to me several times, like I planned to sail on the Titanic II in 2016 (when it was supposed to set sail on its maiden voyage), but now it’s not scheduled to sail until after 2018! That throw my plans off a bit because I didn’t have a backup plan.
  Now I’ve decided to put off Thru-hiking the AT until 2016 so I can earn money and do some extra training for my other list things! It worked out, but it took a while.

Your backup plan doesn’t need to be settling for less, it should be a slightly different adventure.  Always go back and do your big adventure if you still want to.  Just remember everything you do is up to you.

Also, my 24 marathon is going to happen this month, and I’ll be doing hourly updates for anybody who wants to do it with me, or who just want to see where I am!
  I’ll be watching all of season two in 24 hours.  Starting at 8AM on either Tuesday the 19th, or Tuesday the 26th.  This isn’t as much of an “adventure” as it is an excuse to stay up for over 24 hours and blog constantly. Hooray!
  It’s safe to say that I’ll be drinking a lot of coffee that day.

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