Why should I go to college?

This is a serious question that I’ve been dealing with a lot lately.

Being in my late teens everybody assumes I’m going to be in college fairly soon, and when I say I don’t plan to go to college it’s a shock to people! They try to argue with me, and tell me that I have to go to college.  I need a serious answer here; why should I go to college?  Saying that I don’t know what I’d go to college for doesn’t help.

If your answer is one of the following, then I don’t want or need to hear it, because I’ve heard it before:
“To get a good job!” Define good.
“Everybody should go to college.” Why?
“Well, what are you going to do, if you don’t go to college?” Whatever I want!
“You don’t need to know what you want to do, you can always change your major!” While wasting thousands of dollars and/or getting more and more debt to be paid off later?
“It’ll be easier to get a job if you have a college degree.”  What kind of job?  Maybe I don’t want a job that requires a college degree.

My problem with going to college is that I don’t know what I’d go for.  I want to be a blogger, and an author, neither of which require a degree.  It’s a waste of my time and money going to college for something I don’t really want to do.  Honestly, I’m sure I’d love college! It just doesn’t sound like it’s worth the time/money if I’m just going to be a blogger/author anyway.  If I really want to I can always go to college later.

Let’s look some of the things I plan to do while my friends are in college:
Thru-hike the AT.
Have a job, other than blogging.
Write a book.
Road trip the USA, and visit all the National Parks in the states.

The thing is, I can easily do all that, and more, in the four years that my friends will be in college.

Not wanting to college doesn’t limit my life, in fact, I believe that it opens up more possibilities.  By thinking outside the box, and wanting to do things that aren’t considered “normal”, I am making it possible to do more exciting, and interesting things with my life.  How many people will wish they had taken four years to travel before going to college?

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