Ebola, should the US be worried? Part 2.

Apparently the answer is yes.

According to one article I’ve found New York City has 357 people being actively monitored for the disease.

While we panic about our own safety we forget to think about the safety of the people who are really dealing with it.  We don’t hear about the children as much as the adults.  Maybe we don’t want to admit that children get it, too, or maybe it’s just that not as many children are being tested, and treated.

According to the CDC’s website the USA still has only had four confirmed cases.  Three in Dallas, and one in New York City.  Two of those were people who had traveled or worked to effected countries, the other two caught the virus after coming in contact with the Liberian man in Dallas.

Let’s not forget that there is actually another Ebola outbreak going on! It’s not related to the one taking place in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and everywhere else there’s been a case that’s caught the media’s attention.  In the Democratic Republic of Congo there is a separate outbreak happening.  It was first announced on August 26th, “The index case was a pregnant woman from Ikanamongo Village who butchered a bush animal. She became ill with symptoms of EVD, reported to a private clinic in Isaka Village, and died on August 11, 2014. Local customs and rituals associated with death meant that several healthcare workers were exposed to Ebola virus.”

Here is the latest update from WHO.  I’ve been trying to keep an eye on these updates, and they’ve been pretty grim.  Hopefully we’ll see the end, soon.

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