24 Hours

Finally, here’s the compiled version of my 24 hour 24 marathon.  Also, I apparently didn’t have spell check when I first posted these (meaning autocorrect didn’t want to work), so any misspellings are being corrected!

Episode 1: 8-9AM

Started out at 8AM with. Granola bar, a cup of coffee, and a bottle of water.  

Blankets, and warm clothes are a must, because it’s very cold here, and my bedroom, where the marathon is taking place, is one of the under (or not at all) insulated rooms in my house.
Almost a half hour in and my granola bar and coffee are both gone.  At the first break I am going to refill the coffee, but I probably won’t get another snack until the third or fourth episode.
This season is about a nuclear bomb being set in Los Angeles.  (I’ll try not to post any spoilers for anyone who wants to watch the season!) I honestly must say, I really like President Palmer.  He seems like a very peaceful president, he’s trying to solve this problem without conflict with other countries, and I respect that.  Also, I’m pretty sure that Kim’s male employer is going to have an try to have an affair with her… Why is it always the nannies?

Episode 2: 9-10AM

I started episode two a bit late.  I went for a 3 minute break during episode one, which turned into a 5-8 minute break.  I am currently four minutes behind.  Luckily the rest of the episodes are only 40 minutes, instead of 50 like the first.

I’ve been alternating drinking coffee and water to help keep me awake, and prevent crashing later.  I’m still a bit groggy from waking up though.
Switching episodes takes a little more time than I’d like.  It can’t be helped unfortunately…
More at 10.

Episode 3: 10-11AM

I’m trying to take it easy on the coffee now.  Just water for a couple episodes.

Jack Bauer is an incredibly nervous liar.  He sweats a lot and just looks nervous, so really anyone should know when he’s lying, especially criminals who rely on knowing whether or not someone’s lying to operate successfully.
Kim clearly takes after her father, which isn’t a bad thing in this case.  Though she’s also a very nervous, jumpy person under pressure.
I just had to take a couple of minutes as break, because a spider dropped down in front of me.  Anyone who knows me will know I’m terrified of spiders, so getting rid of that was a priority.

Episode 4: 11AM-12PM

Light snack of a partial chocolate bar, and half a bottle of water were consumed in the second half of episode 3, and first part of episode 4.  I don’t know if it’s the cold water (I don’t usually drink this much water at once), but I feel very awake mentally.  Physically I feel like I’m asleep, but that’s probably because I’ve been sitting down for most of the day.

Jack gave up his cover rather fast, I didn’t really expect it because he still hasn’t made contact with the crime boss guy, but if it works then good for him.  Let’s be real though, of course it’s going to work.  This is a tv show. 
Other than that I don’t really have much more to report.  Staying awake now is easy.  If anytime the “crash” will be at around midnight, I’m guessing.

Episode 5: 12-1PM

Staying up hasn’t been hard so far,  I’m still very much awake and alert.  Thank goodness. 

Surprise! There is no attempt at an affair with the nanny.  I mean she’s not the type of character to do that, but I still expected him to try…?  Abusive father/husband is completely expected though. 
The CTU is a mess, wow.  When the explosions first went off they didn’t seem like they did that much damage, but now it’s like completely destroyed.  Poor Paula, too… 
Still trying not to give anything away, sorry if that’s not going well…

Episode 6: 1-2PM

Nothing much new to report.  Still very awake.  I’m honestly surprised I’m still so alert after this long, I half expected to be dozing.  

I am going to start exercises during the five minute breaks soon.  There are three breaks every episode.  One for snacks/drinks, one for pee break, and one for exercises, in that order.  Without a plan this marathon is destined to fail.
They brought back the bad guy (lady) from season 1, good idea.  Little girl (and by that I mean full grown adult) is throwing a fit because her husband-to-be might be a terrorist, and she might have to cancel the wedding?  Not because he might be a terrorist, only because she doesn’t want to cancel her wedding because she doesn’t believe it.  I’d be more concerned about the fiance-is-possibly-a-terrorist thing, and forget about the wedding, but that’s just me I guess!

Episode 7: 2-3PM

Starting to get a bit tired, but I also didn’t get up during my last break.  And I’ve been drinking coffee for the last 15 minutes, which makes me drowsy.

I am enjoying this season quite a bit more thanks the first, and, as I expected, it makes more sense in real time.  12 hours from now I may not be enjoying myself quite so much.
The wedding day family is getting obnoxious, and they’re not tied in with the rest very much yet, so I’m really not sure what’s so important about them still?  I’m sure they are more important than they seem so far, but it doesn’t make sense.
The president’s female employee and ex-wife drama.  Wow.  They are seriously butting heads.
I really want to know what’s happening with Kim, Miguel, and Megan though… I suppose I’ll see them soon!

Episode 8: 3-4PM

The episodes are really starting to blur together.  I completely forgot what episode I was on, and forgot to blog.  Though I am fully alert again!
I had lunch during my breaks while watching episode 8.  Homemade chili! 
These last few episodes are starting to get intense.  Like really intense! Plane crashes (well not yet), murder charges, more killings, got to see the bomb truck.
I haven’t finished this episode yet, obviously, so we’ll see what happens!
*NOTE* This was written after the episode, unlike most, which were written during the episode.

Episode 9: 4-5PM 

I just finished episode 9, and WOW.  Things seem to be moving so quickly, yet I still have 15 episodes to go! I’m not sure where else they can really take this, but I’m also excited to find out.

Also, because I just had a nice sized lunch, and I’ve eased off the coffee, I haven’t need to get up for anything.  So instead, I’ve been listening to songs by an Italian punk pop band called “Vanilla Sky”.  They are a wonderful band, though I don’t yet know enough Italian to understand everything in all of their songs.

Episodes 10, and 11: 5-6PM, and 6-7PM

Again, these episodes are starting to fly by! 

This is my last break of episode 11, which means there’s about 10 minutes left in the episode.  
They’re starting to draw stuff out more instead of packing a lot into single episodes.  It really ups the suspense.  At first they were throwing as much as possible at the viewers, and now they’re drawing everything out to make it last longer.  The technique really works while watching it all at once.  Unfortunately, if I were watching one a day, or one a week it would be kind of annoying at this point.

Episode 12: 7-8PM

Well into episode 12 now.  Armed with an English muffin for a snack.

Jack Bauer is horrible to these people… They’re plotting to set of an nuclear bomb, but still… Then again, interrogations in these shows are always this bad no matter who they are interrogating.
After this episode ends I will officially be half way through! 12 episodes down, 12 to go.

Episode 13: 8-9PM

Officially halfway through!

I’m still fairly alert, draining, but I think I’ll make it.  At very least I’ll be able to make 2AM, then I just have to figure out where to go from there.
They got special camera effects, and faked killing someone!! That was pretty neat.
Poor Kim is having a hard time at this point.
I love being exactly on time with the show.  It tells me the time every once in a while, and it’s really cool to check my phone and see the exact same time.  Often I’ve been one minute off or so, but when I’m on time it’s awesome.

Episode 14: 9-10PM

On to the next episode, and still going strong!

Kim is super naive, and that guy was just trying to get her locked in the shelters probably so he can confront her about what she did.
Jack keeps saying he’s sorry to people, but he doesn’t sound sorry.  Not at all, he’s too busy to feel bad for anyone.
Sherry Palmer is so manipulative, and a terrible liar, how can the president not see how bad of a person she is.  Yes, he divorced her in season one, but taking her back to work with him was a terrible idea.

Episode 15: 10-11PM

So I’m shocked about the end of episode 14, the thing with Kim.

Glad they got to the bomb, but there are still 10 episodes, so how’s that gonna work?  What’s the rest of the season going to be about?  I guess I’ll have to wait and see.
I totally admire George Mason in this episode, even though he’s near death he is still keeping his promise to see the thing until the end!
Had another cup of coffee, so I’m back with the water.
*after writing the above*
I just found out the dramatic twist that takes the place of looking for the bomb.
Though it’ll be over by the end of this episode.

Episode 16: 11PM-12AM

Bomb has gone off, this is getting more and more complicated.  I am glad they didn’t drop it in the ocean! Why that was even an option is beyond me.

Kim still doesn’t know her Dad is alive, I feel so bad for her.  She has no way of finding out he’s alive right now!
Soon I will fill my water bottle for the third time today, when I’m this focused on hydrating, eating, and getting up to walk around I actually feel a lot better than usually! Well less tired that is.  I’m still surprisingly alert for this time of night. 

Episode 17: 12-1AM

Skipped this episode, oops…

Episode 18: 1-2AM

Seems as though I skipped posting about 17…

The crash is slowly beginning.  I’m slowly becoming more and more tired.  An update on that will happen again later.  Next break I’ll get a bottle of cold water, maybe that will help wake me up.
True to real life (I think), it’s getting more complicated, and crazier as the day gets later.  Also, the more people who die at once… Hmm… Extra explosions, shootings, and kidnappings the later it gets.  I can pretend it’s for people like me, who are watching it all in one sitting!
“I’m going to be fine, just fine without you”
“What, why?” 
You got him arrested, and then put in the hospital.  Sorry Kim..

Episode 19: 2-3AM

Cold water is definitely helping a bit.  I also turned my laptop lights to a cooler temperature.  Plus I have my phone’s light, and my normal bedroom light.  

The fact that Jack just reached into the dead man’s body to get a memory chip was slightly gruesome.  I’m not squeamish, but that kind of thing always gets me!
I really like President Palmer, his advisors are being obnoxious, I do not like them.  *whispers to laptop* “please don’t reconsider Mr. President!”

Episode 20: 3-4AM

Almost there! 20 of 24 down.  Realizing how close to finishing I am definitely gave me a boost.  Kit-kats helped, too.

I wasn’t happy that they killed off jack at the very end of an episode, though.  Even though I know he’s coming back.
Michelle and Tony should be careful, inter-office relationships can be very dangerous.  Psych taught me that.  Maybe I watch too much TV.
Bombing a country (or 3) when you know there’s a possibility that they aren’t guilty of anything is.  Always a terrible idea.  Just remember that everyone.  Don’t bomb people.

Episode 21: 4-5AM

Every time one episode ends I think “Wow, it’s over already?” It makes me realize how short an hour really is.  However, thinking back to this morning, I realize how long 24 of them are!

Currently I am incredibly lucid and alert.  Kit-kats, cold water, and a couple of push-ups are all I needed I guess!
I can’t believe they’re trying to kick Mr. Palmer out of presidency… Shame on them, he’s a fantastic president.
Jack swooped in to save Kate just in time, as expected.  Thank goodness.  She’d be dead so many times if it weren’t for him.  Though I honestly feel terrible for her… Everything that’s happened with her sister…
I’m curious what Kim is up to right now.

Episode 22: 5-6AM

It’s no secret that I’m not usually awake at this time.  My eyelids are becoming heavy again, for only the third time since I started.  I might try jumpstarting with some candy, and cold water splashed on my face.

Unfortunately, watching in real time is difficult, because if you need a break where there isn’t one then it sucks to be you.  There’s three breaks per episode, so it shouldn’t be terrible difficult, however I have sat through a few sense it hit midnight and I haven’t been getting snacks or drinking as much, so I don’t need to use the bathroom, as often.  In the past 22 hours I have had two and a half bottles of water today!
The fact that the President’s ex-wife is looking for the same guy as Jack is strange.  I’m still wondering what’s up with Kim, she didn’t have a big scene in the last episode, either…
I can’t believe they actually got rid of President Palmer.  I feel like this happened last season too though, I don’t really remember because it’s been so long.

Episode 23: 6-7AM

So it’s been a crazy long day, but it’s almost over.  And I can say that I would definitely do it again.

One little thing though, Jack was injured earlier, in his leg.  He could barely stand on it at first, but not he can run on it?  However, Tony’s on crutches still from a couple of episodes after that?
Finally got to see what happens to Kim, that girl has been through so much that she was totally not trained for in any way.  Her and Kate both.  
I still don’t really know how I feel about Ms. Palmer, but I’m pretty sure I don’t like her.

The season (as in nature season, not TV show season) difference is kind of throwing me off a bit, because the run is rising at 6:30 in the show, but it’s still pretty much pitch black outside in real life!

Episode 24: 7-8AM

The final episode.

I’m a little groggy but not quite as much as I expected.
Questions from the beginning of the episode (answers in italics):
What’s wrong with Jack’s heart?
Damage from dying and being revived, anything specific?
Will a war start?
Will Mr. Palmer become president again?
Yes he does, and the Vice President resigned, as well as everyone who voted to take away his presidency.  He did not accept their resignations.
What happens when Kim gets to CTU?
Since they’re now cooperating with Jack there was no problem.
Is Ms. Palmer a good person?
Will Tony, and Michelle get there jobs back?
Yes, they will be ordered to do exactly what they lost their jobs for doing!
Will Jack be able to bring in Peter?
They got the confession they needed!

And the touching father daughter moment at the end of the season.  They really did a lot about their relationship this season, which makes sense because the mom died in the first season.

The worst part about this marathon, towards the end, was the breaks.  Becase after midnight I didn’t get up unless I had to go to the bathroom, so I had to sit there and wait for the break to be over.
The sun is just starting to rise now.  It’s the only thing I really love about this early morning, especially this blue right before the other colors show up. (Of course, it’s also very cloudy)

        Not good quality photo, sorry!
Anyway.  When I was nearly dozing at 5AM I did push-ups, and planks for a minute, which definitely helped.  Cold water helped too, and candy.  Of course my determination to make it all the way through the night was one of the main reasons I got through.   

I think I enjoyed the second season more than the first, though it may have just been the way I watched it.  This way was much more fun than watching one or two every couple of days.

I have decided to just take a nap afterwards.  How long the nap will be I have no idea.  If there had been a longer break around 11:30 I would have taken a shower to see if it helped wake me up.  It seems like my methods worked out pretty well, though!

It ended with a terrible cliffhanger, terrible.  Guess I’ll have to do another marathon sometime!

So, in the end I really enjoyed my marathon, and I would definitely do it again.  I ended up having a nap from 9:30ish until 1:30ish, so about four hours.  By the time I went to bed I’d had four hours of sleep in a 40 hour period of time!

Honestly, if you have the opportunity to do something like what I did, go for it!! I was more awake and alert for days after! Plus, you’re only this age once, so if you get the chance to do something stupid and fun that won’t have ill-effects on your life do it.  Think of the stories you’ll be able to tell, “Yeah I totally watched an entire season of a TV show in 24 hours! It was so much fun!” and, if you ever have to stay up for 24+ hours for any other reason you know how to keep yourself awake!
Good luck with your adventures.

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