Appalachian Trail: Beginning Planning Priorities

Hello there!

On my question “To dog or not to dog” I have made a decision.  I will dog.  I’m hoping to get a dog between six months and three years old within the next couple of months.  Ideally, I’d like a year to train and prepare my dog and myself for the trail.

Now I’ve already started a gear list of important things such as tent, sleeping bag, backpack, clothes, etc., I’m shooting for December to have all my plans finalized.  That being said, my test run is going to be this summer, likely in August, if possible.

So I have started making a list of which supplies I need first.  I thought I’d share with you my first steps towards my summer test run.

  • Finish creating my basic gear list.
  • Adopt a dog, and begin training.
  • Complete finished gear list for first 100 miles.
  • Collect basic gear list.
  • Plan out route, pace, approximate stops, etc on maps.
  • Acquire items 100 mile gear list.
  • Obtain supplies for the entire trail.
  • Prepare care packages for along the trail complete with dog food and maps for the next section.
  • Get a high-quality camera.
  • Buy a new lightweight laptop/notebook for picture editing and blogging while on the trail! (For when I stop, of course)
Purchasing a laptop is the last step because it is the least important.  I can blog from my phone, however, the posts will be shorter, and the pictures will be terrible iPhone photos… Nice for family vacations, not so nice for photo journals about the trail that I intend to put  together.
That’s all for now!

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