Little Challenges

Sometimes, I get so focused on posting about the big goals I have, I forget to post about the smaller challenges I’ve been facing.

I injured my toe a couple of weeks ago, we’re fairly certain I broke it, though I did not get x-rays.  I had two dance competitions soon after the injury, and I performed in both.  It was incredibly painful, but being with my “dance family”, and dancing in general made it worth it.

It has been warming up as spring approaches, so I have been out walking more often.  If you follow my instagram you should be seeing many more pictures from me soon.  I’ve also been working out to be in best shape possible for hiking this summer.

I still have yet to complete my “before I turn 18 list”, I only have a month and a half.  I may not complete it in time honestly.  Hopefully I will be able to plan some trips.

Something slightly stupid I did recently I did for only two reasons 1) Because why not?  2) Bragging rights.  I drank a gallon of 7-11 slurpee in under twelve hours! How many people can say that?  Some people think it’s gross, but honestly, if I can’t do stupid things like drinking a gallon of slurpee in a day when I’m seventeen then when can I do them?  Aren’t teenagers supposed to do silly things, especially if they don’t hurt anyone, and aren’t in any serious risk!

Yesterday I was also an “assistant stage manager” (I did give myself that title) for the first time.  I was on a headset backstage communicating with the light and sound people, and I had a runner making sure numbers were lined up and ready to go on time!

I’ve also been working on a new story.  You can read more about it here.

Really, we all face little challenges each day, and do goofy things just for fun all the time, let’s celebrate and talk about the little things as much as we talk about the big things.

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