What this blog is about

I want to make this clear, my blog isn’t just about what I’m doing, or what I want to do. Yes, it’s about me completing my list, but I’m trying to make it about much more. I want it to be about me enjoying life in every way possible, and not doing things just because people say I need to, or because I have to have money, or whatever.

I also want to be encouraging others to do the same.

I just read a fantastic blog post from a wonderful actress whom I know in real life.  The blog post is “Professional” theater vs. “Community” theater: a reflection.  She does a lot of shows at the community theater where I volunteer (keep an eye out for that spotlight if you’re interested!), and because it is just a community theater none of the actors/actresses get paid.  They don’t mind though, they’re doing it because they just love being onstage singing, dancing, and acting!

One of the last lines in the post is “So, the next time you go to see a community theater show, please, remember that we’re all up there LOVING what we’re doing.I love that line.

People choose to follow their passions in different ways. The people at the theater choose to follow their passion without getting paid. Some follow their passion in other ways in order to get paid to do what they love. In my opinion, the only wrong way to follow your passion? Is not to follow it at all. Personally, I choose to write about it on this blog. Will I ever get paid for it? Maybe. But even if I don’t I’ll be following my dreams and sharing them with the world.

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