Area Spotlight: ARLGP

This may seem like a strange area spotlight.  It’s an animal shelter.  The animal shelter where I volunteer to be exact!

The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland in Westbrook, Maine, helps almost 4,000 homeless animals a year! They have a very small shelter currently, and have been fundraising in order to expand to be able to help even more animals.
Instead of my usually area spotlight I’m going to tell you the upcoming events the ARLGP is doing.
On August 11th 2015 at Otto Pizza in South Portland, some people from the ARLGP will be hanging out, and a portion of all food sales will be going back to the shelter.  A great time to talk to some of the staff, eat some pizza, and help out a worthy cause!
On the 12th WGME and FOX23 are hosting a day long pet food drive for a couple of the shelters in the area.  If you’re interested, food can be dropped off at the studio!
The 15th they are participating in the national #ClearTheShelters campaign.  This is a big one, so I’ll come back to it. 
Also on the 15th Fianna Tattoo Studio in Portland is doing a fundraiser.  $50 for a paw print tattoo, or $100 for a custom paw print.  All the money raised goes back to the shelter, I plan to do this one if I have time! I’ll be knocking something off my list, and helping out my favorite charity.
The 26th is annual Martinis for Mutts fundraiser.  $25 per human, each human is allowed a doggie +1.  The price includes admission, valet parking, a “signature mutt-tini”, and hors d’oeuvres.
That’s not all of the events either! Check out the others, too, you might see something else you’d like to attend.
A bit more about #ClearTheShelters.
First of all, this is not the only shelter doing it.  It is sponsored by NBC, and NECN.  NECN is going to be broadcasting live from the event!
It will take place August 15th, 2015, from 9AM-3PM.
There will be more than 150 pets to be adopted just at the ARL.
The fees are going to be by donation, so you get to pick your own adoption fee! Though $0 is not an option, that isn’t an adoption fee.
The goal is to clear the shelter, and raise awareness for pets in need.
No pets can be placed “on hold”.  If you are interested in a specific animal get there as early as possible!
It is a wonderful organization, the staff are all amazing, and working with the animals is beyond rewarding.  I have been walking dogs there for almost a year and a half, and fostering dogs for a few months, I highly recommend volunteering, whether at this animal shelter or another.  Personally, t’s probably the most rewarding volunteer work I do.

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