Appalachian Thru-hike Update 8/21

I figured I’d update you all on my AT Thru-hike details.

First of all, I’ve chosen a tent, the Tarptent Double Rainbow.  I actually have had this tent in mind for a while.  It’s lightweight, fast to pitch, and not too expensive, as far as good tents go.  Plus, there’s plenty of room for me and my dog! Outdoorgearlab’s price for the tent is off by a couple dollars according to the tarptent website, but it’s still not a bad deal.

Next things on the list are sleeping bags, sleeping pads, a backpack (I know, that maybe should have been first?), and doggy backpack.

For sleeping pads I’m thinking the Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest SOlite.  One regular sized one for me, and possibly a small one for my dog

Sleeping bags I’ve been looking at are the Enlightened Equipment Revelation Bags, the short(5’6″)/Slim option for me, and The 2-in-1 NobleCamper for my dog. If I go with the NobleCamper I won’t have to get a sleeping pad for my dog either, because it’s a bed and sleeping bag in one!

The backpack I’m looking at for myself currently is the Deuter ACT Lite 70 + 10 pack

A great article about hiking with dogs, which is certainly a good thing to be reading up on.  I should be getting my dog very soon, so be watching for a post about that! It will be knocking something off my list, too!
80. Adopt a Dog from the Animal Shelter.

As soon as I get my dog I will start purchasing things for it, such as

  • A dog pack
  • Food/Water dishes
  • A coat
  • Booties
  • Leash/Collar/Harness
  • Flea/Tick collars or medication
  • First aid supplies!
Doggy supplies is a whole other post!

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