Thru-hike update, September 2015

I have been getting my gear ready for my AT thru-hike!

Yesterday I received my backpack in the mail.  A Deuter act lite 70 + 10 pack.  I may have gotten a slightly larger pack than necessary, but I’d rather it be too big than too small.  I jokingly said I’ll just put Cheyenne in it, then she won’t need her own pack! I’ll be getting hers when she gets a little bigger so I’ll be able to size it properly.

The other piece of gear I just got is my tent! I purchased the tarptent rainbow instead of the double rainbow, because I was afraid the double rainbow would be too big.  I set up my tent as soon as it came this morning, and I’m really glad I went with the smaller of the two.  There will be plenty of room for me, and Cheyenne, and all of our gear.

Now I have my dog, my backpack, and my tent.  Just a couple more big items to go and I’m all set with that part of getting ready!

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