The Inverted Turtle

Welcome to my new website!

This has been a long time coming, and I’m so excited to finally have it up and running.  There are, of course, a couple things I’m still working on here, but feel free to explore knowing that it’s a work in progress! I plan to have another page, post, and doing some more with the existing pages by the end of next week.



If you’ve been following my adventures thus far you remember my backpacking trip last August/September.  The one where I was attempting the carry 50+lbs through the 100 Mile Wilderness?  That is where I got the name “Inverted Turtle”.

Every time we stopped for a break of some sort I had to find a rock, or log, or something close to waist level so I could sit my pack on it and unclip the straps to get it off.  Then I would have to lie on my pack, clip the waist belt and chest strap, and sometimes my Dad had to help me stand.  One time he told me that I looked like a turtle on it’s back, then decided that he was going to give me the trail name “Inverted Turtle”.  Like it or not, the name has stuck around, so I figured I should embrace it.


Hope you enjoy the new site.


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