The Overlanding Test Run

This summer IT, Cheyenne, and I will be doing some overlanding, climbing, hiking, and exploring all over the USA.  Our first trip – a test run to Virginia – started today at about 9:30AM.

We put a bed rack and rooftop tent onto IT’s Tacoma last Monday.  We have four totes and a crashpad in the bed of the truck, so we aren’t storing anything in the cab except the dog’s little box of stuff.  We even have a cold brew setup so we can have coffee!

After a last minute supplies/snack stop we were on our way! It’s about a nine hour drive.  Our first thing went wrong when the lid for one of our supply totes almost got blown off while driving down the turnpike, we made a quick stop at the Kennebunk exit rest stop –  where you can buy live lobster, but not duct tape – to snap it back on before continuing.

I will continue updating here, and on Instagram, and Twitter throughout the day, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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