Setting out

Today we’ve set out to do Katahdin, and a section of the Appalachian Trail that I failed to complete last time I tried it.


Last year just my pack weighed over 50lbs., more than half my then bodyweight.  This year, I’m starting out with a total weight of just under 19lbs., including worn items such as boots.  IT and I are starting with Katahdin, and staying at the Katahdin stream lean-to for the night before meeting up with my dad and Cheyenne at Abol Campground the night before we start the 100 Mile Wilderness.


Here’s our plan for each day:

Day one – Baxter State Park.  Starting weigh 19lbs, goal is to hike Katahdin and stay at Katahdin Stream Lean-to.  ~5 miles from the Peak of Katahdin to the lean-to.

Day two – Hike from Katahdin Stream Lean-to to Abol Campground to meet up with my dad and Cheyenne, and to pick up the next three days worth of gear.  ~9.5 miles.


Day three – Start 100 Mile Wilderness.  Starting weight today 28lbs.  Hike from Abol Campground to Rainbow Spring Campsite.  ~11 miles.

Day four – Hike from Rainbow Spring Campsite to Wadleigh Stream Lean-to.  ~12 miles.

Day five – Hike from Wadleigh Stream Lean-to to a pick up point for Whitehouse Landing Camps.  ~10-12 miles, depending on the pickup point we hike to. 

Day six – Starting weight increased.  Unsure by exactly how much, but it will not be over 30lbs.  Hike from Whitehouse Landing’s drop off point to Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to.  ~11-13 miles.

Day seven – Start up White Cap mountain.  Hike from Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to to Logan Brook Lean-to.  ~11.5 miles.

Day eight – Hike from Logan Brook Lean-to to Carl A. Newhall Lean-to.  ~7.5 miles.  

Day nine – Start the Barrne Chairback Range.  Hike from Carl A. Newhall Lean-to to Chairback Gap Lean-to.  ~10.5 miles.

Day ten – Hike from Chairback Gap Lean-to to Cloud Pond Lean-to.  ~7 miles, to avoid hiking four steep miles downhill at the end of the day and destroying our knees/ankles. 

Day eleven – Hike from Cloud Pond Lean-to to Wilson Valley Lean-to. ~8.5 miles.

Day twelve – Last day.  Hike from Wilson Valley Lean-to to Monson.  My dad has arranged a shuttle to pick us up from the trail and take us to his truck that will be left in Monson.  ~10.5 miles.


Obviously I may not be able to blog very much while on the trail.  If I get the chance I will post short updates here, or on Twitter and Facebook.  Otherwise I’ll be sure to post in about 12 days!



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