Cheyenne’s Solo Adventure

Matches and I have made a difficult decision: We will not be bringing Cheyenne on our cross-country road trip.IMG_0396

We were, of course, very excited to have her joining us on this adventure, we even looked into dog-friendly hotels, and hikes in national parks we intend to visit.  However, it is not in her best interest to come.

A few days ago she learned how to open the screen door of our apartment, got loose, and proceeded to run around Portland for about eight hours.  Matches and I were not home when she escaped, and after a frantic six or seven hours of walking, biking, and driving around looking for her we decided to take a break and resume the search the next morning.

At 8:00PM she walked back into our apartment with bloody paws.  Walking around on hot pavement all day – it had been 80’s all day – tore up three of her paws.  Thankfully, she was not hurt anywhere else, and the cuts on her feet were not too bad either.

The vet told us that it will still take a few weeks for them to heal, so instead of dragging her across the USA while she is getting better she will be staying with my parents.  While we’re obviously sad to leave her behind we’d rather her heal fully and be able to join us on more adventures soon.  She’s in good hands, and I know she’ll be happy, and healthy the whole time we’re gone.


The road trip starts tomorrow.  We’re excited for this adventure, and will hopefully be getting a YouTube channel started within the next week or so.


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