The List

This is my list of  things I want to do before I die.  

I have separated them into categories for easier reading.

Possible Before I turn 18:

  1. Stop being shy
  2. Dye my hair 
  3. Play Laser Tag
  4. Play Paint Ball
  5. Watch a full season of 24 in 24 hours.
  6. Collect hard copies of every Fall Out Boy album(As of Jan 2016)
  7. Start a Fall Out Boy cover band
  8. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter 

Helping Others:

9. Buy at least a coffee for, and sit down with homeless in each state I visit.

10. Donate toys, food, and/or other supplies to at least one Animal Shelter/Rescue in each state.

11. Volunteer at a Wild Animal Rescue.

12. Foster kids.

13. Volunteer with orphans.

14. Volunteer different places from 8AM-4PM 7 days a week for a month.

15. Make scarves, blankets, and/or hats and donate them to homeless shelters.

16. Do my 12 Days of Christmas charity challenge five years in a row.


17. Road trip the USA, bike Europe, hike South America, Motorcycle trip through Australia, kayak Africa, and travel through Asia.

18. Visit every National Park in the USA.

19. Visit every country in the world.

20. Ride the Titanic II.

21. Visit Machu Picchu.

22. Spend a week in Egypt.

23. Visit all the Smithsonian Museums.

24. Visit Easter Island.

25. See Pompeii.

26. Travel in a Foreign country alone.

27. Travel in a Foreign county with a friend.

28. Travel in a Foreign country with a family member.


29. Summit the 2nd Seven Summits.

30. Be the first to kayak the Seven Rivers.

31. Be the first person to do the “Seven Cave Dives”.

Extreme Stuff:

32. Climb the Seven Summits.

33. Extreme Skiing.

34. Competitive Apnea (Free Diving).

35. Spelunking.

36. Skydiving.

37. Surfing.

38. Swim with Great White Sharks, without a cage.

39. Hang Gliding.

40. Thru-hike the AT.

41. Climb an active Volcano.

42. Chase a Tornado.

43. Zipline in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

44. Race in the Miner’s Revenge bike race.


45. Eat at an underwater restaurant.

46. Take a submarine tour.

47. Visit the Titanic Wreckage.

48. Swim, dive, and/or snorkel in every ocean, and sea in the world.

49. Kayak in a bio-luminescent bay in Puerto Rico.

50. Go Noodling for Catfish.

51. See a Barbel run in Africa.

“Normal people” Things:

52. Live in New York City for a year.

53. Live in Australia for a year.

54. Live in Las Vegas for a year.

55. Work as a waitress for at least one of above years.

Because, why not?:

56. Play guitar and sing in Central park.

57. Spend the night somewhere haunted.

58. See the Northern Lights.

59. See a Solar Eclispe.

60. Visit a Concentration Camp.

61. Work as a singer, or dancer for a year.

62. Meet Fall Out Boy.

63. Have a book published.

Things to learn (Mostly unrelated to other goals):

64. Spanish.

65. Italian.

66. French.

67. ASL.

68. To play Moonlight Sonata on piano (both hands).

When I Grow Up:

69. Get my Belly button pierced.

70. Get a tattoo.

71. Get an Industrial piercing.

72. Open a fish store where I breed all the fish I sell, and a “Fish rescue center”.

Animal related:

73. Hold a baby Alligator and/or Crocodile.

74. Swim with Whales and Dolphins (specifically blue whales, Humpback whales, Orcas, and Bottlenose Dolphins).

75. Swim with Sea Turtles.

76. Swim with Stingrays.

77. Ride an Elephant.

78. Hold a Koala.

79. Swim with the two largest species of Shark (Whale, and Basking).

80. Adopt a dog from the Animal Shelter.

81. Hang out with wild Penguins.

Added after September 2015:

82. Ride the Zipline from Spain to Portugal.

83. Kayak with Whales.

84. Attend Carnival in Rio De Janeiro.

85. Open the Georgia Memorial Buxton Dog Sanctuary.

86. ‘Send the “hard hard crack” at Salt Pump on TR.

Added after July 2016:

87. Visit all 10 of the largest aquariums in the world.

88. Bike the entire East Coast Greenway.

89. Complete a winter traverse of the Presidential Range in New Hampshire.

Added after January 2017:

90. Publish an ebook.

More to come!! 🙂